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Volunteer Fire Fighter LED Lights & Equipment

Full-Time Benefits For Volunteer Firefighters

Hard Working Volunteer Firefigher Lights

It takes a special kind of person to become a volunteer firefighter. Someone with a strong sense of community and a desire to give back to the people who make that community what it is. As a volunteer, you face the same challenges, the same hazards, and the same risks as the full-timers, and when outfitting your personal vehicle for department use you deserve access to the same high-quality warning lights and sirens. At Online LED Store we respect the work that you do, and we are dedicated to offering you the best variety of volunteer firefighter LED lights and sirens.

Taking The Work Out Of Your Search For Firefighter Lights

At Online-LED-Store, our goal is to be your support for every step of the light buying process; from the initial investigation and research all the way through to the install and operation of your new equipment. That is why we strive to provide you with thoroughly researched articles related to firefighting and volunteer firefighter lights; detailed instructions so you can correctly install your strobe lights, light bars, and dash lights; and exceptional warranties and support to keep you up and running long after the initial purchase. Take a look at some of our volunteer firefighter related blog posts designed to make your search a bit easier:

How To Make Your Lights Work For You

As a volunteer firefighter, it usually falls on you to buy and install emergency lighting on your POV. And being the safety-focused, budget-conscious consumer that you are, you want to make sure you squeeze every ounce of functionality out of your new volunteer firefighter lights. Finding a light with the most features, lumen output, and functionality is a good place to start; but when it comes to optimizing your light setup for your vehicle there is so much more that can be done. So how can you be sure that you’re getting the most out of your new volunteer firefighter lights?

  • Know The Light Laws

    The first consideration when choosing and using your new lights is legality. After all, what good is a killer light setup if you can't use it. There are, unfortunately, about as many different laws regarding volunteer firefighter lights and sirens as there are states and it would be almost impossible to us list all of them; but one of the biggest factors to keep in mind when researching legal light setups is color. Some states allow only blue lights, others stipulate that volunteer firefighter use only red lights. Some states allow white and require at least one driver side amber light, others don’t. Whatever state you live in, the first step in getting the most out of your lights is making sure that you are legally able to use them.

  • Warning Light Visibility Is Essential For Safety

    The time has come to mount your lights. You’ve dusted off the hole saw, the drill, and the measuring tape and you're ready to go. But to get the most out of your lights you might want to hold off on the permanent mount option for a little bit. Why? As a volunteer firefighter outfitting your personal vehicle, your focus and needs will be slightly different than someone installing lights on a department vehicle. Like any other work truck, light placement has a major impact on visibility, and since the visibility of your POV is a main contributing factor to safety and expediency when responding to a call, you want to be sure that your lights are positioned for maximum impact while you’re working. But this isn’t just another work truck, this is your personal vehicle, perhaps even your daily-driver; so how will your lights fit into and impact both roles? This can be hard to predict and may become obvious only after the lights are installed and you’ve been using them for some time. But if you start with temporary mounts, you can easily try several different configurations before you settle on the one that best accommodates your work life and your personal life.

  • Make Your Emergency Lights Work Together

    As a firefighter you work with a team, and that team performs best when every member is working together towards a common goal. The same is true of your warning lights. Your lights need to work together if they are going to convey the correct signals and information to other drivers. This is where the sync feature of your new LED volunteer firefighter lights comes in. With the sync wire included in most LED warning lights, you can easily focus all your lights on one common goal and get the most out of their power. You can even create different groups for different purposes. You could set up one group of lights for working a fire and another group for navigating traffic, or you may choose to have one group of lights for urban calls and another for rural work. Whatever you choose to do, when you tailor your warning light setup to the specific needs of your situation, you will be more satisfied with your lights and better equipped to protect the community that you serve.