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Off Road Jeep & Vehicle LED Light Bars - LAMPHUS ® Cruizer ™ Product Review & Night Drive Demo

Video Summary

  • Product Specification
  • Series Overview
  • Construction
  • Mounting
  • Application
  • Night Shots
  • Testimonials


Hey guys, this is Brett from the Online-LED-Store. I’m here to show you how awesome the LAMPHUS Cruizer series LED off road light bars are. The Cruizer LED light bar consists of three watt Cree LEDs and ranges from a compact 4” model with six LEDs producing 1600 lumens to the 36” model with 78 LEDs producing a whopping 18,000 lumens.

The four, seven and twelve inch models are available in 30° spotlight or 60° floodlight. For the longer light bars, the 36 and the 20” models to be exact, they come with a combination of flood and spot lenses on each light. They’re equipped with the flood light lenses on each end and everything else in between being a spotlight variation.

The housings of these Cruizers are made of a durable cast aluminum and the lenses composed of a shatter resistant PMMA thermoplastic rated at IP67 for being dust and waterproof. The heavy duty construction of the Cruizer light bar make it the perfect lighting choice for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Mounting and installing of these light bars couldn’t be any easier. The mounting bracket on the Cruizer allows you to adjust the tilt angle of the light bar. And with the base attachment of the bracket being adjustable alongside of the unit, you have the flexibility to place the mounting bolts exactly where you want it to be. Some common placements of the Cruizers include the top of the bull bar, on the sides of the bumper, on the rear of the vehicle to light up the back and mounting it anywhere on the roof rack.

Now that we’ve gone through all the specs, let’s just see how good these Cruizer light bars perform in real life applications. With the help of our friends from the trail crew, we got a chance to test out how the Cruizers stand up against dust, bumpy trails and of course, versus the dark.

This footage here shows a scene with only the headlights of the vehicle being on. And now, this is the Cruizer light bar being turned on. Obviously, the Cruizers easily put any headlight to shame. The light output you see here is generated by a 36” model mounted on the roof rack, a 20” model mounted on the bull bar and two of the 4” floodlights on the bumper just to widen the coverage area. In all honesty, these clips don’t do the light bar justice. The lights produced are so much brighter and so much more intense when seen in person. The astonishing ability of these lights brighten up a pitch black area simply cannot be depicted through the lens of a camera or computer monitor.

Still not convinced these Cruizer light bars can satisfy your hunger for lights? Let’s hear from our actual Cruizer light bar owners, our friends from the local off-road club, the Trail Crew.

With vehicles I’ve used HIDs, I’ve used CJ projectors, projector retrofits, HID fog lights, high-output halogens, but this is the first time I’ve used LEDs for vehicle lighting, off-road lighting. Oh yeah, they blew away my expectations, they performed better than I thought they would. I would definitely recommend LAMPHUS Cruizer to all my friends and family.

The lights that I used before in the past were HIDs or just your standard run-of-the-mill auto shop lights. They got me through some of the trails but again they didn’t really hold up to a lot of the abuse we put through on the off-road trail. After using the lights I was extremely impressed on how great they were. Basically, they lit up the whole entire area. I was really, really pleased on the light selections that I’ve chose. They held up to the abuses of the hard-core terrain that we travelled on. It really took the abuse between water, mud, dirt, sand, whatever we could throw at it. I’m highly impressed with the lights.

So if what you’re looking for is to bring daylight into the night, then definitely give these bad boys a try. This was a demonstration of the LAMPHUS Cruizer series LED off-road light bars. My name’s Brett from the Online-LED-Store, be sure to subscribe to our channel for future updates. Thanks for watching.

Cruizer Series LED Light Bars