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LED Hideaway Emergency Strobe Warning Light – LAMPHUS® SnakeEye™ II-4W SEHA14 Product Video

Video Summary

  • Product Specifications
  • Surface Mounting Applications
  • Surface Mounting Installation
  • TBT Function
  • Product Demo

Video Transcript

Hey guys, this is Brett from the Online-LED-Store. Today I’m going to showcase the new versions of the SnakeEye LED Hideaways.

This is the LAMPHUS SnakeEye II-4-4 watt LED hideaway and surface mountable strobe light. Like its six watt counterpart, the four watt variation is super compact, self-contained, has a multitude of flash patterns to select from, is visible even under broad daylight, while being offered as an economical alternative to the six watt version.

In addition to mounting the hideaways in the light assemblies, utilizing its surface mounting capability can greatly increase the visibility of your vehicle. Using the included black bezel, we’ve installed the four watt SnakeEye II here on the side of the front fender and on the sides of the rear bumper of this Charger. This makes the vehicle much more noticeable when crossing or stopping at intersections.

Kicking it up a notch, we took advantage of the self-contained compact housing of the SnakeEye II and mounted two more units on the underside of the side-view mirrors. These two units alone provide the Charger with nearly 360° of visual warning. Lastly, for rear coverage, we have two units installed in the taillights and two on the bumper next to the license plate.

Outfitting a vehicle with the SnakeEye II is pretty simple.

First of all, you want to set the units to your flash pattern of choice.

Then for mounting in the light assemblies, simply drill a one-inch hole into the housing and two more smaller holes for the mounting screws. Then proceed on mounting the hideaway unit onto its desired location.

In surface mounting applications, all you need is a quarter-inch hole to feed the wires in. Then proceed on to mounting the bezel over the hideaway unit and securing it with the included mounting screws.

With both types of installs, it’s always a good idea to apply some silicone around the seams of the hideaway unit in order to keep out moisture and water from the areas they don’t belong.

The last step will be running the wires to its perspective location, and you’re all set.

The SnakeEye II has a new function; it has a steady burn wire which will turn on all the LEDs and keep it lit steadily while power is applied to it. This way you can connect the steady burn wire to your turn signals, reverse lights or even to your brake lights when you want that extra attention when slamming on the brakes.

You can see the flashing lights will be overwritten by the steady burn so you can utilize this function with the warning lights on or off. It is also a nice feature to be utilized on motorcycles.

Lastly, for the folks whose job requires them to work around the vicinity of their vehicle, running a switch to jump the lights right into steady mode prevents the intense light from blinding you or making the working conditions unpleasant.

So now let’s take this Charger for a quick spin.

This is the LAMPHUS SnakeEye II-4-4 watt LED hideaway and surface mountable strobe light. For additional specs, check out the item on our website. I’m Brett for the Online LED Store; thanks for watching.


SEHA14-4W LED Hideaway