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LED Emergency Vehicle 6W Linear Strobe Warning Light Head – LAMPHUS® CosmicRay™ CRLH06

Video Summary

  • Product Showcase
  • Product Specifications
  • Sample Applications
  • Linear Lens vs. Traditional Lens
  • TBT Function

Video Transcript

Hey what’s up guys, I’m Brett from the Online-LED-Store. We’re showcasing the new light head being offered by LAMPHUS. This is the LAMPHUS CosmicRay CRLH06-6 watt LED light head with linear optics. This light head is a certified SAE J595 Class 1 warning light, which is the brightest of all three classes. This makes it perfect for both personal and professional use.

Like all the light heads offered by LAMPHUS, the self-contained and weatherproof design makes this unit suitable for various applications and can be mounted almost anywhere on the vehicle. Check out these units mounted on the push bumper of this Charger.

The CosmicRay light heads are super compact and are equipped with six LED diodes behind a linear optic that distributes the light at a wider angle than traditional lenses. The linear optic also has a higher LED to footprint ratio, meaning you can fit more LEDs into a given area when using linear optics compared to the traditional lenses in which the shape and size of the traditional lens itself becomes the limiting factor.

Like most of the warning lights we carry, the CosmicRay light head has numerous flash patterns to select from and can be synchronized between itself and other models of warning lights.

There is one unique feature that the CosmicRay offers. The unit has a steady burn wire which advances the light straight to steady mode when you apply power to it. This feature allows you to utilize the CosmicRay light head as a turn signal, a reverse light and as a brake light or to advance the light straight to steady mode making it easier to work around your vehicle with the lights on. This function can be activated both when the units are off and while they are flashing.

All right guys, this was the showcase of the LAMPHUS CosmicRay CRLH06-6 watt self-contained light head with linear optics. Check out the product on our website for additional details. I’m Brett with the Online-LED-Store; thanks for watching.