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LAMPHUS® SWBX42 Switch Box Product Video

Video Summary

  • Product Specifications
  • Mounting Options
  • Wiring
  • Product Demo

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Brett for the Online-LED-Store.

Today we’re going to dive in and show you how easy it is to install the LAMPHUS SWBX42 Switch Box on your favorite ride. And when I say easy, I mean easy.

Just like everything LAMPHUS makes, this unit is compact and super tough. There are four toggle-switch outlets, each supporting 25 amps for a total output of 100 amps. On the flip side, you’ve got four 25 amp blade fuses. You’ll also notice that the unit has two momentary switches, just press each switch to activate it, let go to deactivate. And guys, these switches can be positive or ground activated.

So LAMPHUS made this product to be super versatile when it comes to mounting options and a swivel bracket on the back lets you surface mount the box pretty much anywhere you want to and adjust the tilt angle of it 360°.

The Switch Box also has these cool LED backlit displays for you to label with the appropriate stickers. That way, the text is easy to read even when it’s pitch black.

And the best part is, the installation of this unit is a dream come true. The box’s output wires kick out power straight to your gear and with the input wires you have the flexibility to custom wire different equipment to different power sources.

Here we’ve installed the LAMPHUS Switch Box to power the warning lights on this 2015 Impala. Check out how the backlit LEDs are powered by the car’s ignition. Now for this set up, we have the front headliner lights set to front flash, the middle light labeled dash light and the lights on the backseat to rear flash. Then we used one of the switches to turn all the lights on at once and marked it steady burn. And did the same for one of the momentary switches. The other switch we’re using as a flash pattern changer for our dash light, having both positive and ground activated switches made setting up this an absolute breeze.

So jump over to our website and check out the LAMPHUS SWBX42 Switch Box. I’m Brett from the Online-LED-Store. Let your light shine and I’ll catch you next time.


SWBX42 Switch Box