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LAMPHUS® SoundAlert™ 100W Siren PA System w/Light Control Switches & Speakers Demo

Video Summary

  • Product Specification
  • Sound Demo
  • Selection of Speakers


Hey guys, welcome back to another video brought to you by the Online-LED-Store. Today we’re going to take a quick look at the LAMPHUS SoundAlert series SASN01 100 watt siren and PA system, as well as the SASP01 and SASP02 speakers.

The SoundAlert sirens offer a number of warning tones including the Yelp, the Wail, High-Low, High-Low 2, and a push-to-talk microphone. The horn and siren tones can by manually activated anytime with the switch on the front panel.

And, as an additional option, you can wire the siren unit to the horn relay of your vehicle to activate the horn to the push buttons or central pad on your steering wheel. The SoundAlert siren can also be connected to your radio to act as a public announcement system.

[1417 Castle call back. We made contact with a complainant outside 2306 E 4th Ave. Code 6]

Lastly, there are two auxiliary switches that can be used to power on additional apparatuses such as warning lights or auxiliary lighting.

LAMPHUS offers two types of 100 watt speakers that can be coupled with the SASN01 siren.

Okay, the first model is the SASP01, which is a traditional speaker composed entirely of rust-resistant components. Here’s the second model, the SASP02, which is much more compact in size and can easily be mounted with the included bail bracket.

Additional information of both of these speakers are available on our website. Packed with robust functions and suitable for volunteers and professionals alike, the LAMPHUS SoundAlert siren and speakers easily fulfill your public address and auditory warning needs. My name’s Brett from the Online LED Store. Be sure to like our videos and subscribe to our channel for future updates.

SoundAlert SASN01 Siren

SoundAlert SASP01 Speaker

SoundAlert SASP02 Speaker