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LAMPHUS® SolarBlast™ SBWL14 4W LED Windshield Dash Emergency Warning Light

Video Summary

  • Product Specification
  • Application Shots & Details
  • Synchronization


Hey guys, how’s it going? This is Brett from the Online-LED-Store. Here is the new dash light being offered by LAMPHUS. This is the LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBWL14 super high intensity LED dash light.

As you can see here next to me, this compact unit emits a very intense light visible even during the daytime. The small size, plus ease of operation and mounting, makes it perfect for both your personal and work vehicle. So here, come check out some additional features of the SBWL14.

The SolarBlast SBWL14 consists of four high intensity LEDs with wide optic lenses, 32 flash patterns and tilt angle adjustment levers allowing you to achieve the best results when mounting the SBWL14 on the windshield of your vehicle.

The slanted housing creates an intimate fit with the windshield, thus eliminating most of the flashback into the cabin. While the SBWL14 comes with a heavy-duty cigarette lighter adapter, the cable can be spliced and hard-wired to any on-off switch if you wish to do so.

Lastly, the SBWL14 can be synchronized with additional units and will all models of the SolarBlast light heads.

All right, that was a quick overview of the LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBWL14 high intensity LED dash light. So be sure to check us on the web for more details, specs, and the product and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more product related videos. I’m Brett with Online-LED-Store. Thanks for watching.

SBWL14 4W LED Dash Light