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LAMPHUS® SolarBlast™ SBLS14 / 24 / 44 LED Emergency Deck Light Bar Product Showcase Video

Video Summary

  • Series Overview
  • Product Specifications
  • Mounting Options
  • Wire Functions
  • Replacing Light Modules

Video Transcript

Welcome back for another awesome video from the guys at the Online-LED-Store. I’m Brett, your host, and today we’re going to show you an emergency warning light that I guarantee is going to blow you away.

It’s the SolarBlast SBLS LED deck light bar series made by LAMPHUS. Believe me the name SolarBlast says it all. When you need a warning light to get everyone’s attention, this LAMPHUS light is the best bang for your buck and it’s available in three absolutely state-of-the-art models, the SBLS14-4 watt, the SBLS24-8 watt and the SBLS 44-16 watt.

Guys the specs behind these lights are in-freaking-credible. The high-intensity LEDs of the SolarBlast are placed behind T.I.R. (Total Internal Reflection) optic lenses. Each model is constructed of premium quality material, cast in high impact aluminum housing. The mind-melting features include numerous selectable flash patterns, high-low power adjustment, and synchronization between multiple units.

Now check it out, LAMPHUS has provided these innovative rotatable L-shaped brackets which allow the light bar to be installed on most horizontal, slanted or vertical mounting surfaces with either suction cups for on-the-go mounting or screws for a more permanent fit. Placing the light units on your vehicle couldn’t be easier.

Setting up these light bars to do the dirtiest work imaginable is simple too. Linking the yellow sync wires together causes the units to sync up if they’re set to the same flash mode. See what I mean? Changing the flash pattern is just as easy; just engage the sync wire with the ground connection and boom; it’ll rock and roll to the next mode.

Another cool feature LAMPHUS built into the SolarBlast is the ability to switch the light modules on the bar around to add some creativity to your flash setup. This is an example of Split 1. We’ll call this Split 2. And this is Split 3. And you won’t have to sweat replacing the light modules either; that’s because each SolarBlast module is secured by two screws that can be easily removed from the front of the unit. Just pull the module out and install a different light module using the plug-and-play waterproof connection. You’ll find all these different light modules on the Online-LED-Store website. So maintaining and customizing your setup is a snap.

Alright guys, that wraps up our demonstration of the LAMPHUS SolarBlast LED Light Bar Series. I hope you learned a lot about these bad boys so until next time, I’m Brett from the Online-LED-Store and I’ll catch you on the flip side.




SBLS 44 16W