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LAMPHUS® NanoFlare™ NFLH Series LED Mini Warning Strobe Light Product Video

Video Summary

  • Product Specification & Construction
  • Durability Tests
  • Front Grille Setup Demonstration
  • Flash Pattern Samples
  • Additional Functions
  • Installation & Brackets

Video Transcript

How’s it going guys, it’s Brett from the Online-LED-Store.

High speed and low drag, that’s how I live and that’s what I expect out of my gear. So if you’re like me, today you’re in for a treat.

Check out the LAMPHUS® NanoFlare™ NFLH Series T.I.R. LED Mini Light heads. Like a great quarterback, these lights know when to keep out of the way then explode into action.

So the best part about these light heads is that they’re compact in size while producing a huge punch.

If you compare it with the more traditional T.I.R. lenses, it’s clear these bad boys are designed to fit into all the tight spaces. The T.I.R. lenses used here are modified to give an even stronger output passing the SAE Class 1 rating and unlike the traditional plastic lens, the new NanoFlare™ units are constructed of metal with the module already encased inside making them more durable than any light head out there.

So you want to see my test my superhuman strength?

Look at that. These lights are designed to take an impact and still work.

The IP 67 Rating makes the unit waterproof. See what I mean?

Alright, now we’re going to demonstrate how well these fit into tight spaces. We’ve installed them behind the front grill, tucked in the slots. Check out the way these puppies shine. The modified T.I.R. lens really intensifies the output’s coverage. You can even see the light output from the side angle of these light heads.

Just like all the awesome products from LAMPHUS, these light heads have various flash patterns. Check out some of the patterns like the passive and moderately alerted Single Flash 75 Alternate. And the more active and highly vigilant Quad Burst 75 Alternate. Having a dynamic setup of flash patterns is crucial when you need your vehicle to be noticed.

And up here on the roll bar, we have the T.B.T. function wire of these two units hooked up to the reverse lights. You may also utilize this function on your turn signals or brake lights to get that extra attention when alerting drivers.

And the best part is that installation is easy. You can surface mount them directly onto any flat surface or onto any of the brackets we have in our lineup like single, dual stack, dual side-by-side, quad side-by-side, the swivel, the horizontal mounting bracket, the vertical mounting bracket and a couple more awesome ones to come.

So, here we used the dual side-by-side on the sides of the roll bar, the swivel on the two on the back of the roll bar here, and the vertical license plate bracket on the rear license plate. Well, there you have it guys, the LAMPHUS® NanoFlare™ NFLH Series brought to you by the guys here at Online-LED-Store. A more compact, powerful, all-purpose light designed for anyone serious about displaying their authority.

I’m Brett from the Online-LED-Store. Let your light shine and I’ll see you next time.

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