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LAMPHUS® CosmicRay™ CRLS Series LED Deck/Dash Light Bar Product Video (CRLS16 / CRLS28 / CRLS48)

Video Summary

  • Series Overview
  • Product Specifications
  • Advanced Features
  • Mounting Options

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it’s Brett for the Online-LED-Store.

If you’re looking to step into a bold, new generation of emergency vehicle warning lights, then get ready to have your world absolutely rocked by what you’re about to see.

This is the new CosmicRay CRLS dash and deck LED light bar series made by LAMPHUS. The CosmicRay is absolutely state-of-the-art in personal warning lights. They’re SAE Class 1 rated for most colors and available in three models. The CRLS16-6 watt, the CRLS28-16 watt and the CRLS48-32 watt. The CosmicRay’s LEDs are strategically placed behind linear optic lenses, giving them the ability to distribute light at a much wider angle compared to old school lenses. The LAMPHUS CRLS series is packed with a wicked number of different flash patterns. They’re so adaptable for even the toughest jobs and for any warning light purpose.

Guys the CosmicRay CRLS series has so many incredible features that it’s impossible to know where to start. My favorite has to be the TBT light function; this allows you to use the light as your turn signal, brake light or taillight and to synchronize all the lights to steady burn.

Another feature of the CosmicRay series is its advanced synchronized function. Guys, you’re not going to believe what these lights can do. With the CosmicRay you’ll be able to synchronize multiple units to the same flash mode, and that’s just the start. Another mind-blowing feature allows you to sync up the different modes to the same flash rate.

Now, here’s the most awesome part, the CosmicRay light bars can be easily installed with the supplied mounting brackets and accessories. Each light comes with an adjustable flashback guard. Check out these adjustable U-shaped brackets; these rotatable L-shaped brackets make mounting super easy and are the bomb; and these hex bolts make surface mounting really easy.

With this many options, you’ll be able to mount these lights anywhere, on any car, and customize them for every job, everywhere you need them.

Alright guys, so when you’re ready to step up the next generation of vehicle warning lights, make sure you check out the LAMPHUS CosmicRay CRLS series. Until next time, I’m Brett from the Online-LED-Store. Catch you on the flip side.



CRLS28 16W

CRLS48 32W