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7" High Dome 12W LED Beacon Construction/Emergency Warning Lights - LAMPHUS® AURA™ AUBL01

Video Summary

  • Product Specification
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Hi, I’m Brett. Welcome to the Online-LED-Store. This strobe light that I have right here is the new beacon being offered by LAMPHUS. It is the LAMPHUS Aura AUBL01 super high-intensity LED beacon. This beacon is the real deal. It has twelve high-intensity LEDs, a specially designed light connecting lens, more than 20 flash patterns in both strobe and rotating fashion, complies with California Title 13 and National Fire Protection Association guidelines, while meeting the SAEJ845 Class 1 and J578 on most colors. Only the best of beacons can meet these specifications and only the best beacons can appear this bright through the camera lens in broad daylight.

Now here’s some more of the footage of this beacon at work.

The LAMPHUS Aura AUBL01 LED beacon has a specially designed lens which condenses the light emitted by the LEDs allowing the lights to be disbursed over a great distance. Multiple beacons can be synchronized together to further increase the visibility of the equipped vehicle.

The beacon can be mounted permanently or temporarily via the mounting magnet. Available in different colors all with super bright light output the LAMPHUS Aura LED beacon is one of the easiest and most effective ways to achieve 360 degrees of visual warning.

So this was a demo of the LAMPHUS Aura AUBL01 super high-intensity LED beacon. My name’s Brett, like our videos and subscribe to our channel for future updates. Thanks for watching.

AUBL01 12W LED Beacon