Police lights for slicktops (unmarked vehicles) are not something you usually find at your local auto parts supplier. Whether you want them for a personal car in California or an entire fleet of vehicles in New York or Florida, you need the kind of lights police can depend on in all conditions. Not only that, in today's economy it is important to stay within your budget constraints. Here is information to help you find the best emergency lights with the fewest hassles and lowest possible cost.

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Why LED lights?

Most emergency lighting products today are LED powered because this technology is far superior to incandescent lamps of the past. Emergency LED lights produce higher illumination without generating a great deal of heat. They are not only more efficient, they are safer to use. You are less likely to have equipment meltdowns and electrical fires from heat. Also, you get many more hours of operation with LED lights, making LED the most economical and reasonable choice.

The importance of stealth

Slicktop vehicles are supposed to blend into the normal flow of traffic. That is why one should avoid warning lights that are obtrusive, large, or appear to be "added on" to a vehicle. In fact, police lighting should increase the "stealth" of the unmarked vehicle as opposed to making it more visible (when not in use). In other words, make sure to buy quality, durable, emergency lighting that fits into the design and contour of the vehicle.

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Compliancy is always an issue when it comes to police lights and equipment. Make sure to choose a provider that offers SAE Class 1, 2, or 3, compliancy, depending on your needs.

A word about brand names

FederalSignal, Code3, SoundOff, and Whelen, are some of the best lighting products on the market today, and they will provide excellent service. However, these brands usually come with a high price tag. Many people are finding excellent quality and much lower prices when they choose LAMPHUS brand products for their needs. The savings can be substantial.

Dash/Windshield Lighting for Police Vehicle

Windshield strobe lights give you emergency light on demand. Consider these important features when you shop:

  1. Cigarette lighter adapter - This is an excellent source of portable power. The unit can easily be placed out of sight until needed. In addition, there is no need to go through all the time and expense of installing wiring or wiring harnesses. Just plug the power cord into the socket and you're ready for action. When it comes to power adapters, choose dash lights that have longer cords if you want rear mounting capability. Some cords are as long as 13 feet in length.

  2. Suction cup windshield mounts - The best police light dash assemblies can be mounted and un-mounted in a matter of seconds. Suction cups mount quickly and will not come loose, even at high speeds. Un-mounting is simple as you only need to grab the cups and break the suction with a slight twist and pull motion. Make sure to choose mounting brackets that are adjustable. That way you can place them in all types of vehicles with no problems.

  3. Flash back guard - This keeps the strobe light from flashing inside the vehicle and blinding the occupants. It also makes emergency lighting suitable for day or night use and can be used in a number of different vehicles.

Price ranges

Depending on the features you want, you can find dash or windshield police lights in low, medium, and higher price ranges. The more expensive ones will provide the most options and power. For example:

  • Inexpensive selections - can be purchased for as little as $20. They come in single or dual color combinations and with three different strobe patterns.

  • Medium price ranges - Police emergency lights in the $50 range (LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBWL14 4W) are heavy duty units. They have more lighting power and as many as 32 programming options for lighting patterns. You also have the choice of synchronizing with 8 light heads or 8 of the same windshield light unit. In fact, kits are available that include windshield lights, additional light heads, switches, and inline fuse units.

  • Higher price ranges - When it comes to stealth police lighting, the smaller (and less obtrusive) the better. This gives you a clear field of vision. Units in the $90 range (LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBWL26 12W) will provide a great deal more intensity and power. Plus, they are slim and present a very low profile for maximum stealth.

lamphus solarblast sbwl26 dash light

Police Lights for Grille

Grille lights are for exterior use, so you need something that can hold up to the elements. Here are some things to look for:

  1. TIR lens - Captures more light and focuses it better than standard lenses, giving you a brighter and more effective light, like the LAMPHUS SolarBlast Grille Light Series priced in the $35 range.

  2. Linear optic lens - Disperses light at a greater angle than standard lens types. These emergency vehicle lights can be grouped in a close pattern, giving you much brighter light. This feature provides superior lighting and is a little more expensive than the TIR lens products. The LAMPHUS CosmicRay CRLH06 is a good example.

  3. Surface mounting capability – Allows the units to be installed on any flat surface. Look for brands that have brackets made to support their light heads for an easier installation.


You can save money on products like the SolarBlast Grille Light Series. Make sure to check out prices on multiple units. For example, at the Online-LED-Store, the SBLH04 model is around $40 per unit. When you buy 2 units, you save $10 and save $25 if you buy 4.

lamphus cosmicray crlh06 grille light

Hideaway Strobe Kits

Hideaway police lights can be placed inside taillights and headlights. This way, they are invisible until you turn them on. They are perfect for police that must respond to crime scenes without being noticed. Look for LED strobe lights that are self-contained, compact, and visible even in broad daylight. To increase visibility, units like the LAMPHUS SnakeEye can be mounted in fenders and even on side view mirrors. Mounting options are virtually unlimited for these kinds of emergency LED lights. They are very versatile and priced under $50.

Hideaway strobe police lights are usually installed into headlights or tail lights. Hideaways like the LAMPHUS SnakeEye have a TBT function that allows the unit to act as a supporting turn, tail, or brake light. This makes it perfect when installed inside of light housings.

Traffic Control Lighting

Traffic control is an important part of law enforcement, and the traffic advisor or arrow stick is an excellent selection. Self-contained units are best, as they are easier to mount and to control. There is no need to use a bulky external control unit. The small control unit makes programming "go left" "go right" or "go around me", simple and easy. These units can be very expensive, so it is important to compare providers. For example, the LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBTA84 36" 32W Traffic Advisor is available for a little over $200.

Police Sirens and PA Systems

Stealth PA systems and sirens are just as important as emergency lights, and you may purchase one system that handles both PA and siren function. Inexpensive kits (like the LAMPHUS SASN01) can be bought for around $100 and will give you several selections for siren sounds with 100 watts of power. You also receive a pre-wired microphone and hands-free operation feature. Speakers are separate and around $100.

You can purchase PA and siren kits with speakers included for under $200, which is a good way to save on costs. You may choose between standard siren speakers or slim models, and if space is a concern, go with the slim speakers. They cost a little more but they are smaller, thinner, and yet still deliver quality sound.

Finding the right supplier

Locating the right supplier is just as important as the right products. The best suppliers provide no questions asked return policies and they stand behind their products 100 percent. When you look for a supplier, choose one with an easy to navigate website that is professional in appearance. This lets you know that you are dealing with people that you can trust. Also, look for a website that has a product search feature and also provides complete descriptions (including video) for the items they sell. Top suppliers (like Online-LED-Store) offer customer service during business hours and email contact any time of the day or night. They are there to answer your questions on police lights and emergency equipment.