We are proud to announce the launch of our new line of high quality Emergency Warning Lights “SolarBlast” from LAMPHUS. The new line officially launched on January 10, 2013 and is available online only with free shipping.

If you have ever had to use emergency warning lights for your job, you are most likely involved in a dangerous line of work. We are thankful for your service and we are here to provide you with a safer work environment.

Online-LED-Store.com provides the highest quality LED lights for law enforcement agencies, fire departments, public utilities, emergency medical services, construction companies, and individual clients that have a need to be recognized. Well, we recognize you and your need.

As industry leaders and like you and your department, we don’t take our responsibility lightly. We understand what’s at stake, because we've been there. We want you to come home safe and sound. That’s the reason why our new line, SolarBlast, provides industry leading quality and dependability.

The SolarBlast line contains newly developed LED lights from LAMPHUS. The brand adds to our list of high quality products that provide the unmatched ability for you to be noticed and as a result, you’ll be safer too. The LAMPHUS combo, for example, contains our interior, windshield mounted dash strobe along with four additional grill mountable strobes that will demand attention when activated. The combo also comes with a heavy duty toggle switch and in-line fuse holder, with fuses, for ease of installation.

The best part of the LAMPHUS products is the ability for them to take a beating. No cheap materials here. The manufacturing department has produced the most reliable and trustworthy LED lights on the market. You will find similar items elsewhere, but NO ONE can provide the free shipping, 100% money back guarantee, 90-day return policy, and customer service that Online-LED-Store.com can provide.

Having experienced what our clients go through on a daily basis has opened our eyes to the litigate need for a better LED Emergency lighting system. Increasing the lumens per strobe for additional brightness and providing the ability to sync equipment for seamless integration is only some of the reasons the SolarBlast line outshines the competition.

If you ever have a question regarding installation on any of our products, our product installation guide will ease the process. If that weren't enough, our customer service is second to none. You can call us with any questions regarding our products, to include installation. We are here for you 100%. Let’s be safe out there!