Advice for the Roadside Professional

1. Leave space between your vehicle and others – give the LED lights a chance to work properly. If you are using your emergency LED lights, you want to be seen.

2. Turn your steering wheel toward the curb. This will allow the vehicle to roll away from the scene and into a curb, off the road in the case of a read end collision.

3. Park parallel to the road way and maneuver the vehicle so it is canted off by about 50% of the distance form the other vehicles. Simply put, point you vehicle away for the others (toward the curb) and leave distance so that there is no chain reaction of a collision.

4. Installation of your lights should be so that they maximize their efficiency. A combination of reds, blues, and ambers are the most effective. In fact, tests prove that amber LED installed closer to the ground actually increase the effect. White strobes are the LEAST effective at night time and actually DECREASE your other lights abilities.

Be Safe!

Effective Use of Amber Lights Image provided by: "Dan at Outlaw Customs in Belleville WI