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Accent LightsAccent Lights

Accent Lights

Feeling Good Has Never Been This Easy

We all want to look at our car, truck, or motorcycle and be proud of what we see. Feeling good about your vehicle is an essential part of the driving experience and can make the difference between loving or hating the morning commute. When you feel good about your vehicle you smile every time you get in, you’re proud to claim it when someone asks "whose is that?", and you’re willing to put in the time to keep it looking its best. With interior and exterior LED accent lighting you can highlight your pride and joy and smile just a little bit wider.

Hills, ridges, rocks, dust storms, and the dark can all render your vehicle practically invisible.  But while invisibility might be your preferred superpower, it’s the last thing you want when you’re tearing over the top of a 50-foot sand dune or hurling down a mountain trail.  LED whips are the best way to make sure your ATV, dune buggy, or dirt bike is clearly visible at all times. And with multiple colors and sizes to choose from, a lighted whip is sure to enhance not only your safety, but your style as well. Do you need more visibility for your vehicle? Go ahead and LED whip it, whip it good.



Headlights are perfect for lighting up the road in front of you, but if you want to see your tire placement during a session of technical, nighttime rock crawling, then you need a set of LED rock lights. Each off-road rock light comes equipped with high intensity, wide angle LEDs and is fully prepared to light up every pebble, rock, and boulder that gets in your way. And because we know that you don’t want a burnt out light getting in between you and a good time, we designed all of our LED off-road lights to shrug off any abuse that the trail can hand out. So light up your tires, hit the trail, and rock on.






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