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Our Story

“For us, the quality of support a customer
receives before, during, and after a
sale is just as important as the quality
of the products we provide.”

Hello, we’re Kevin, Tim, and Justin—we’ve been partners in crime since middle school. Together we built Online-LED-Store from the ground up. We started this company to address a problem we all personally experienced when shopping online: the lack of human interaction, information, and support.

Online-LED-Store first assembled in Kevin’s garage. It started off slow—fulfilling only a small amount of orders, but then it quickly grew. It wasn’t too long before packages had consumed Kevin’s entire home. The landlord wasn’t too thrilled—we got kicked out. We laugh about it now, but at the time it was a pretty stressful moment.

In retrospect, getting kicked out allowed us to really focus on our company goals. How to enhance communication. How to select content and information. How to provide both memorable customer support and satisfaction.

Kevin’s home, where it all began.

It was a bit difficult when we were packed like sardines in a dinky little garage, but now that we moved and upgraded, we now had an actual “office” and even a real phone system. We were in a much better position to help out and provide for our customers. As we grew, more and more customers called in to inquire about our products. Some even asked if it would be possible to pick up lights in person instead of having them shipped.

Well, you could imagine the look on our customers’ faces when they’d walked into our tiny storefront completely engulfed by towers of boxes. There was barely enough room for the three of us, our computers, and our fish. Although it was a tad-tight-of-a-squeeze, that small office gave us the opportunity to really connect with our customers—to develop great relationships and trust within the local community.

Moving to our new hub in Walnut, CA in May 2012.

Our second hub in Walnut, CA with our fish.

We have since quit our day jobs, hired more people, not just fish, to focus on our passions, and running shop. We finally moved into a large warehouse over in Ontario, California. Our customer-focused philosophy still applies. We still welcome our customers in person and over the phone. Give us a call, Tim will probably answer! We're always happy to help with any questions or issues you may have. We thoroughly research, test, and document every part, every product, before we decide to offer it into our marketplace. If we can't find a suitable option for you, we will build or design one for you!

We love our jobs, we love our customers, and we're excited for the future—we look forward in seeing you there with us! Thank you again for visiting Online-LED-Store.

Kevin, Tim, Justin

Our current headquarters in Ontario, CA as of October 2018

Shipment day over in Ontario, CA. Come visit us some time!

Our current headquarters in Ontario, CA as of October 2018