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Interior LED Windshield-Mount Dash Lights

Windshield light or dash lights are one of the most convenient ways of outfitting a vehicle with emergency vehicle strobe warning lights. The windshield mount units offered in this section can be powered by using the cigarette lighter receptacle. Each unit also comes with a flash back guard or a contour that fits intimately with the slope of the windshield of most vehicles. The minimization of flashback into the cabin makes the windshield mount strobe light units a suitable choice for all public safety service profession for both day and night time usage.

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LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBWL14 4W LED Windshield Dash Light LAMPHUS SolarBlast SBWL26 12W LED Windshield Dash Light
Price: $54.99

Price: $89.99

lamphus solarblast sbwl14 tir led dash deck windshield warning lights led PSZLEDSTB0401 lamphus solarblast sbwl26 tir led dash deck windshield warning lights led PSZLEDSTB0441
18x LED Windshield Dash Light
Price: $19.99

led dash windshield warning lights PSZLEDSTB0341