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Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights & Equipment

Volunteer Firefighter/EMS Emergency Vehicle Warning Lights & Equipment

For all the part-time, on-call, volunteer firefighter, EMS & all emergency service personnel, you will find an array of amber, blue, and green warning lights equipment being offered in this section. Whether you are a volunteer firefighter, volunteer EMS, or anyone who report to calls in their personal owned vehicles (POV), the deck lights, dash lights, grill lights, lightbar, beacons, and various other strobe lights are guaranteed to be some of the most affordable lighting equipment available in the market.

LED Grille Lights

Limiting the exterior warning light offered in this section as grille lights is an understatement. The emergency vehicle strobe warning lights offered here are one of the most versatile equipment any public safety service profession could have. From mounting exteriorly to affixing the lights in the trunk and cabin, the application for the lightheads offered here are nearly limitless!

Audio Warning Sirens, Speakers, PA Systems

Emergency warning siren and speakers are essential equipment for emergency responder of all types. Here you will find a selection of siren, siren with light control switches (switch box), and speakers suitable as a PA system or audio warning device system. From usage by police officers, mounting on fire truck and ambulance, to usage on private personal vehicles, the siren kits we offer make your presence to be heard.

Mini Lightbars | Light Bars

LED mini light bars are suitable for public safety service profession with special applications where the real estate required for a full sized lightbar is unavailable, while 360 degrees of intense visual warning is still needed. The compact size of a mini lightbar takes up minimal space during mounting and storage, and in conjunction with its versatile mounting options, the mini light bar is definitely its own kind roof top mounted emergency vehicle strobe warning light bar.

HID & LED Hideaway Strobe Kits

The infamous hide-a-way strobe light, aka corner strobes, is one of the most inconspicuous setup for outfitting an automobile with emergency vehicle strobe warning lights. Our lineup of hide-a-way strobe includes the tried and true HID strobe kit and the newcomer LED hideaways. Both kits are designed to cater the needs of all public safety service professions.

Interior LED Windshield-Mount Dash Lights

Windshield light or dash lights are one of the most convenient ways of outfitting a vehicle with emergency vehicle strobe warning lights. The windshield mount units offered in this section can be powered by using the cigarette lighter receptacle. Each unit also comes with a flash back guard or a contour that fits intimately with the slope of the windshield of most vehicles. The minimization of flashback into the cabin makes the windshield mount strobe light units a suitable choice for all public safety service profession for both day and night time usage.