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Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again. We’re here at the annual Ho Ho Parade taking place in the city of San Bernardino. This parade first began in the 1950’s and has been bringing joy and happiness to the people for more than half of a century. Back in 2013, the parade came across some hardship due to the city’s budget cuts, however, a group of volunteers were determined in keeping this tradition alive. After working diligently with the local police department, the group of volunteers were able to acquire permission for hosting the annual parade. In this year’s parade, about 40 fully decorated classic cars will be featured over a course of 2 hours all throughout the city. Gifts will be passed out to the kids at the starting and ending points of the route. With 4 parades planned for this year, everyone in the city of San Bernardino is going to be delighted by the festive music and wonderful lights. Let us all be thankful to the selflessness of the volunteers and hope this parade will get bigger and better each year. Enjoy the show and Merry Christmas!